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  • Tile & Grout Revitalization

    Our high temperature vapor cleaning service can better clean and revitalize your grout and tile to a like new appearance.  Unlike our competitors who utilize indoor pressure washing, our process is non-destructive and will leave your floor surgically clean and fresh smelling!

  • Home, Commercial, and Office Cleaning

    Floors, doors, windows, and more!  Our service ensures your home or place of business shines!  There's no need to perform costly restorations when you can revitalize your place for a fraction of the price!

  • Gum Removal

    Gum littering your sideways, driveways, and place of business can be a real turn off to customers.  We completely remove the chewing gum blobs from your property like no pressure washer can, while vacuuming away the residue.  Good bye gum, hello clean pavement!


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ACT One Cleaning


Our purpose is to provide you with the best service available by using advanced cleaning technologies that are appropriate for your needs. Safety, effectiveness, value and your complete satisfaction are our goals. As you browse through our website, we'd like you to become informed and encouraged; many of the specific cleaning challenges you are having are handled by ACT One Cleaning on a regular basis and we will gladly consult with you at no charge, in order to design a solution that will work for you.



Our consultations are Complimentary (there is no charge).

Our solutions are Customized (one size doesn't fit all!).

Our service is Confidential (we never sell your information, as some companies do!)


Come in and look around. If you have questions and wish to speak with one of the owners in person, just contact us. Our policy is to respond to you immediately and with courtesy.

Who we are

Gum Removal

Able Cleaning Technologies LLC, or (as we are known) ACT One Cleaning, is registered as an LLC in our home state of Alabama and based in the fair city of Gadsden. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers within a rough circle that encompasses Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Chattanooga, although we would be willing to serve you anywhere you have a need.

Founded in 2011 by Andrew, Ashley and Stephen Hamilton, we are a family-owned and operated business with the unusual goal of serving you in a way that reflects our unashamed personal belief in the sovereign Lord Jesus. Whatever may be your personal faith or belief, you should know that we endeavor to live up to an uncompromising ethical standard on and off the job: We don't cut corners and we won't lie to you or for you. We want you to understand all of this before you decide to either hire us or work for us, and thank you for taking the time to visit our Website.


Andrew, Ashley and Stephen