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Home, Commercial, and Office Cleaning



Wherever people live, work or congregate, it is necessary to clean thoroughly and regularly. Food spills serve as food sources for vermin and breeding areas for bacteria. Moisture allows mold and mildew to thrive. Anything touched, such as doorknobs, toilet seats, faucet handles and furniture can become a way to pass illnesses to family or coworkers.


At ACT One Cleaning, we take your health very seriously. We are able to clean your walls, furniture, counters, appliances, toilet fixtures, floors, windows and even the bed you sleep in so well that you will have peace of mind knowing you made the right choice. Our technicians add no hazards to your indoor air as they systematically and thoroughly carry out a custom designed cleaning protocol for your home or work space. Old chemical residues, nicotine, dust, skin oils, insect feces, bacteria laden food spots; all the things that normally concentrate indoors are safely and completely gone!


Vapor technology is green, safe, economical and effective beyond any “mop & bucket” variety of cleaning. Used in conjunction with biodegradable cleaners, it is capable of achieving astonishing results. Your home or work space will smell fresher, be healthier and look better than ever before! Contact us with your questions and concerns.